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We are going after a question. What do Christians in America think about prophetic ministry? This topic of prophetic ministry can be a divisive one in the church. Christians have differing and opposing views of prophetic ministry. What even is prophetic ministry? Is prophecy just predicting future events? Do Christians experience God speaking words to them to relay on to others? We can turn to books, pastors and teachers for answers to these questions, but what do the people actually believe and experience in their everyday life? This is what we are going after. As far as we can gather, no research has been done on a national level which has sought to answer this question.  

Will you join us? We want your involvement. Listed below are answers to some questions you may have, as well as several ways you can get involved with this research.


How are you going to accomplish this?

We are going to be conducting a national survey. In order to do this properly we have teamed up with Candid Research Solutions. Their business is conducting national surveys. They have graciously offered to donate their time to this project.


I want to help develop the questions

We would love your input! We are currently still forming our questions. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered as well as help us craft the best possible series of questions.

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I want to give

This research is going to cost money. Even though Candid Research Solutions has offered their time, there are still many costs involved in properly conducting a national survey. From call centers to statistical analysis, many people need to get paid for their work in order to get a top quality result. 

We are currently projecting we will need to raise $7,000 for this project.  This will be for a full 1,000 person survey professionally done.


I want you to keep me updated

Give us your information and we will keep you updated with the progress in this research, as well as when the results are in.

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