Requirements to apply for School of Discipleship

  • Completed 4 classes of ETS (Equipping The Saints)
  • Attended a 6 week small group at FHOC

Application Process:

  • Watch introduction video or attend introduction meeting: How does this program work? What is the heart behind the program? What is the commitment?
  • Complete application and hit submit
  • You will be contacted to schedule a one-on-one meeting to go over your application 
  • Sessions begin: Calendar of meetings and access code for material emailed
Name *
Current Marital Status *
Answer the question above then Interview two people that you have close relationship with and have them answer the question as well. (If you are are married have your spouse be one of your people)
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Along with submitting your application below, please email a one page typed testimony of your salvation/life testimony. What is the big picture of what God has been doing during your walk with Jesus? Email application to