Prophetic Art

At Father's House OC we desire to see the arts released in a greater measure in the Body because God loves to speak to His people through creative ways.  During our Sunday morning services we have prophetic artists painting on stage with our worship team to create art that expresses God's heart for His people. We also host an annual Creative Arts Conference to provide a training ground for Christian artist where they can learn how to hear God's voice and express it through their art.  Click HERE to view an art gallery of our prophetic art that was painted during our Sunday morning services.


In His Hands


God is holding your hurting heart in His hands. Right where your heart is breaking is right where He is planting His love. He uses the heartbreaks of life to plant the seeds of His loving kindness deeper within, producing fruit and beauty. Your heart is not broken, your heart is in bloom.

Prophetic Art by Jessi Stafford


Kids Prophetic Art Team

Our children are called to walk in all their God given giftings and we want to steward the creative gift that is on their lives.  Monthly, on the third Sunday of the month, our Kids Prophetic Art Team join the adult service during worship to prophetically paint God given words that will be given out to the congregation at the end of worship.  Lives are touched as the children share the words that they received in prayer and expressed through their creativity. 


Prophetic Art Conference

Join us in our annual Creative Art Conference - a 2 day prophetic art training activation where you can connect with creative people from other Orange County churches.  All skill levels of artists and creative people are invited to discover how God can use their creative gifting to release His heart everywhere they go. Find your creative gifting and start using it to change the world and release the Kingdom. To get more information subscribe below to our news and update emails.