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Waiting For The Breakthrough by Pastor Tim Felker

Waiting For The Breakthrough by Pastor Tim Felker

Psalm 42:11 – The Passion Translation
So I say to my soul, 
“Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be disturbed. 
For I know my God will break through for me.” 
Then I’ll have plenty of reasons to praise him all over again. 
Yes, living before his face is my saving grace!

In our Sunday services we have been preaching and teaching on breakthrough in the Spirit and partnering with God by praying and fasting weekly to seek what new places He would desire for us to break into. As pastor of Father’s House OC I feel in the Spirit that significant things are taking place behind the scenes in our region of Orange County, in our church and in the lives of the people of FHOC. I so desire to see what God has up His sleeve and believe great things are coming, but I do admit that my patience seems to be running short. This has led me to seek out God for answers and understanding of what He is doing and why does He seem to delay on His plans. 

The funny part about seeking God with a question is that so many times He answers back with a question. This week while fasting I decided I would spend my entire prayer time on not asking but seeking Him, loving Him, and worshiping Him. As I focused solely on loving Him I felt this whisper of a question rise up in my spirit. I couldn’t quite make it out yet but it was there. What was so wonderful about this question is that somehow it answered my question. I felt at peace before I could even interpret what He was saying. As I laid on my office floor worshiping, time ran out and I needed to get my day started, so I jumped up and went on with the activities and errands calling my attention. I was still feeling that amazing peace of Jesus yet I was still searching for the answer to the question on my heart. Why wait God? Why delay? When is the breakthrough?

Another thing God often does with me is speak to me while driving. Not sure why He chooses that time and space so many times because it can be dangerous to get whacked by Holy Spirit while behind the wheel. But none-the-less I heard him speak while driving and He asked me this question, “How do you wait?” What was unusual about this question is that I didn’t have an immediate answer like I normally would, as if I would out smart God so that He would just give me the easy answer I was looking for. I began to ponder this over the next 24 hours and I felt my spirit communing with God and finally having the needed prayer that He desired to answer. You see God wasn’t interested in answering why He waits or why He has set timing to plans He has. My spirit had the right question and God was ready to answer it.

Again while driving I feel my spirit tune into God and I hear these two sentences, “Seek my face” and “Attach your faith to my character”. As this moment I realized how to wait while in the breakthrough process with God. His face is my breakthrough. In the Spirit my breakthrough was already here and started even though the desired results have not yet come. We must walk in breakthrough to receive the breakthrough. His face is my breakthrough. Once I see His face the desired results seem so unimportant and little compared to Him. He is faithful in the waiting and in the breakthrough. Every breakthrough is a double portion of God’s faithfulness. I have a sneaky suspicion that the waiting is more about our hearts connecting to His than it is His will to do the thing we desire. His face always leads to the breakthrough.

Now it’s time to figure out why do I need to attached my faith to His character. Well simply put His character is my promise. You see, if God is good then that is a promise of good things to come from Him. If God is kind that is a promise of kindness toward me is my future. If He is generous that is a promise of gifts from Heaven on their way. I can’t stress how important it is for our faith to be attached to His character—so that in the waiting our eyes are in the right place, His face. What is so beautiful about these principles of waiting is that one fuels the other. As you seek His face you discover His nature and character. This is called encounter. An encounter with God reveals to us who He  is and this changes our walk forever. As you attached your faith to His character you’ll see His face. 

Do you feel out of patiences for your breakthrough? Do you feel as if God is taking too long? Has hopelessness started to set in? If you find yourself feeling like this don’t be despaired. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself, “How do I wait?”