Church is not just church, or church, or church.
Church to a Christian is the source of pure food, pure water, clean air, shelter and protection. Following the birth of Jesus, a new and unique species was introduced. This species came into existence by way of a baby born of Earthly DNA and Heavenly DNA. Jesus was the first of a unique organism. 

Church is the one place that a Christian finds the life-giving elements needed to not just to “live”, but to thrive. Just as a polar bear lives in snow and ice, it is native to the North Pole and is not found in the South Pole, and penguins need snow and ice to live yet are not found in the North Pole, but in the South Pole, their natural habitats. A Christian’s natural habitat is a community of believers who gather together to share a life in Jesus. NOW because of the Holy Spirit we can live a life in communion with God. To thrive with God though, He has called us to gather with others of our own unique species! We have schools, and other institutions to enrich our minds, we have gyms and activities to enrich our bodies, and we have a gathering spot for our unique species to enrich our souls. 

Church is that place where we shake off the toxic effects that cling to our species from exposure to pollutants from the world we live in, that are around us with and without our knowledge. Give yourself a treat this Sunday greater than chocolate, treat your soul to a special night out. Come hang out in that one special place that aligns you whole self.

Church is NOT just church!

By Chick Rapport