You look for life and fulfillment in external things, but only I can meet your deep, heart felt need. As you encounter my presence I can and will touch, heal and restore your deep need for connection. As you come to me with a hunger and a thirst for more that is where I fill you with the living water of my spirit. The living waters flow where there is thirst for more. When you are content spiritually drought and unbelief become the result. So I say come to the well of living water. Come taste and see that the Lord is good. Your pain and discouragement has caused you to distance yourself from my presence. But today, come, open your heart to my love, kindness and goodness. Come sit with me so I can soothe your pain and touch your heart with my healing hands and cause you and I to be one again. John 14:1 "Don’t let your heart be troubled. Trust in God and trust also in me.”
The Lord is calling us to press in, to come near to him and desire His presence above all else. To experience and to encounter God in his majesty and glory, we must surrender our natural inclinations because God is Supernatural. The scripture says, “Come taste and see that the Lord is good."
I believe many of us look to others and things to meet the deep need of connection and love only God can meet. The Lord is merciful and gracious to us in all things. He is jealous for our relationship. That being said, He also moves according to the plan he has designed for each of us. The world offers every strategy and opportunity to unload the pain, disappointment us and give us hopelessness. However, we are not of this world. We have been made new in Jesus! Jesus is the way to freedom, the way to healing, the way to deliverance the way to joy, the way to contentment and the way to peace. So let us unload that which entangles us and rise up to the fullness of the Father’s intention and plan!