You are my beloved child. I have given you purpose and position in my Kingdom. You have much to give to this house. My Kingdom presence lives in you. You have walked with me and have been faithful in your tithing and your attendance. Now I am wanting to release a new song, a new awareness and touch of my presence in you. As you open your heart to my touch I will give you understanding and show you your place and purpose at FHOC.

I want to do a new work in your heart and reveal to you what I am calling you into. You have not been sure about how you fit at FHOC, what your place is or what your next step should be. When I brought you to this family, I loved you, touched you and healed and freed you through my spirit and through this body of believers. I brought you to this family for my purposes and that my kingdom would be fulfilled on earth. Now I am asking you to give away what I have given you and what I have deposited in your heart and life. So let my presence open your heart. You have been given favor and new life and now I want you to give it to the next generation to influence, support and provide wisdom. As you do, I will give you more of my life-giving spirit to lead you and fulfill you.

So today, let my presence open your heart to new things, new opportunities that I have designed and want for you. You have blessed me and you have pleasedme. Now I am speaking new words and revelation to you about your purpose.

As you say yes and surrender I will make myself known to you. I will show you my intention, and tell you my thoughts and plans for you.


When my servant Moses led my people in the desert he taught them what I required and what I wanted of them. He spoke about how they were to live and how much I loved them and how I wanted them to be free. I gave Moses vision for my people. Moses laid the foundation for a new life with me. However, Joshua was the one to lead the children of Israel into the promise land, the land of plenty, the land of milk and honey. And not just live but take the land for my glory.


So it is with you. You have been trained and discipled and now it is time to take the land I have spoken to FHOC to do. I have given vision and now you are to carry out that vision, my heart’s vision. This is my house and you are my people. You are to go forth and bear new fruit. I will not leave you nor abandon you. This is the season of fruit bearing. To accomplish this-What I have deposited and placed in your heartis to now be released and given in my name and for my glory and honor.


You have been given gifts and now is the time to give away those gifts, to release the captives, to heal and restore all of those I love. It’s time and the season to step into my water and go to the middle not stay on the sidelines. As you do, I will fill you with new songs of worship and empower you.

When you and I are all in, abundance is released. So today, have courage and step into my purpose for you in this new season of breakthrough.