Pastor Tim Felker came to The Father’s House, formerly known as Coastview Christian Fellowship, when he was 17 years old. Without knowing anything about church, Jesus, or salvation he was invited to a Sunday morning service by a friend. That Sunday morning, Tim’s life was forever changed. Tim often refers to that day as the day he fell in love with Jesus with the simple yet overwhelming message of “Son I love you” that he received from God during service.  That morning he not only encountered Jesus for the first time, but he was welcomed into the community of the church body which set his life on a path never before imagined. He was saved and on a journey that would one day lead him to Pastor the same church in which he was saved.

Tim quickly went from the life of a troubled teen to the life of a servant and disciple. He jumped right into participation and service in the youth ministry. He learned to play guitar and began leading worship for the youth services. His anointing was beginning to rise and he was eventually asked to take over the youth ministry. This is where he began building his future church.

Tim cultivated a leadership team and poured his life and soul into the leaders and youth alike. The group began to thrive and they were lead to go deeper into their call and relationship with the father as Tim is so passionate about. He lead the group with passion, conviction, and of course, a lot of fun. He created multiple programs, events, and areas where people could be themselves and experience the love of Jesus. After years of overseeing the youth ministry as youth pastor, it was time to step into a new season. Tim was asked to be the Assistant Pastor of The Fathers House.

Tim was mentored and trained by the founding Pastor, Dale Temple. He was able to deepen and develop his leadership and call while overseeing many areas of ministry including worship and the church leadership team. He was challenged, encouraged, and went through much personal growth during this season but his passion for Jesus and his people shined through. He was ready for what God had next, Senior Pastor of The Father’s House.

In January of 2014, Tim was called to take the Senior Pastor position at The Father’s House. He, along side of Matt Swift, would take the reins of the very church body he was saved in 20 years before. Tim has since then lead the church with great love and passion for Gods people. He is full of heart and vision. He is a gifted creator and his ministry is often intertwined with the creative side of God. He has a heart for the Prophetic ministry and has helped cultivate the prophetic atmosphere at The Father’s House. He is always looking for what God is doing now and is always passionate about bringing it to the church.

Tim and his wife Havah live in Huntington Beach with their 4 children. There is no shortage of excitement at the Felker household with 2 children of their own (Kirah 10 & Zeke 8) and two foster children (LaNiya 3 & Daniel 3), which they hope to be adopting in 2016.