The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming! Now that November has begun there is a certain excitement and expectation in the air. Schedules are filling up, bellies are longing for “holiday food”, the pumpkin spice latte is out, the weather is slightly changing, people are out buying gifts for the people they love, and memories are about to be made! Oh I love it! As a church it is an exciting time as well, we are celebrating our Saviors miraculous birth!! Not just as a church but everywhere we go. The world is buzzing, some not even knowing the happiness that they feel is for the Savior. I am getting so excited and happy just talking about it! As the events leader for our church I have been praying, brain storming and emailing my teams for months about this upcoming season. How should we celebrate our Saviors birth this year? It’s just so fun and there are so many exciting things we can do as a church body to celebrate! Then, just last week, I came across this paragraph in our book for our small group homework: 

“Most of the goals of the modern church can be accomplished without God. All we need is people, money, and a common objective. Determination can achieve great things. But success is not necessarily a sign that the goal was from God. Little exists in church life to ensure that we are being directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Returning to the ministry of Jesus is the only insurance we have of accomplishing such a goal.” When Heaven Invades Earth- Bill Johnson

Wow, makes you rethink everything right?! Let’s just think about Jesus for a few minutes. What was He like? What did He do with his time? Who did He spend time with? What did He do during the Holidays? 

Well, Jesus loved fun and celebrations! He even did His very 1st public miracle at a wedding. He didn't want the hosts to run out of beverages and be embarrassed! That is so thoughtful of Him and He acted in the present moment of celebration. So this leads me to believe that He had a high value for community and fun. Most of Jesus’s recorded ministry is Him spending time with His disciples and close friends that He met along the way. He was constantly making new friends! He traveled around with them telling stories and always eating together. They all poured their lives into each others forming an eternal family of once strangers. Jesus also spent a lot of time asking His father for advice and listening to the Holy Spirit. He would sneak away from all the excitement to spend time with God and receive a refreshing that can only come from the One true God. Then He would get back out there and spend time with His buddies, the women, children, sick, the healthy, the sinners and the saints. He knew their hearts. He knew they were lost and just trying to find their way in this world. Jesus is so cool! Every person He met, He offered them something special, He looked at them, through the eyes of the creator and not man. He looked for the gold in every person's heart. He saw their true identity and he didn't stay silent! He called it out! What a blessing to be around someone who sees the good in you and vocalizes it! 
I believe our church does a really good job of making sure each and every ministry and event is about doing the ministry of Jesus. We look for the gold in people and call it out. We prayerfully seek the Lord and make decisions with Christ in mind. Everything we do is filled with love, life, and purpose. I want to challenge us this Holiday season to show up with Jesus’s ministry in mind. Before each and every party or event, take a moment before you knock on the door to just ask the Holy Spirit for direction, discernment and encouraging words. Whether you are with the sinners or the saints, bring the ministry of love and Jesus with you! Call out that gold in your family and friends wherever you go! If we all do this, I believe we will accomplish much for the kingdom of God!

Love, Life & Purpose,
Havah Felker
Lover of God and Fun