About Us


The world is waiting for an encounter with the Kingdom of Heaven, and we want to partner with God’s good plan to see lives transformed in our city.  When you come to Father’s House OC you will experience the grace and kindness of God which is the foundation for personal growth and transformation.  Our goal is to speak Love, Life, & Purpose into every person that becomes a part of our community, ushering them through discipleship into their true identity and destiny in Christ.  


We want to see hearts awakened to life through an encounter with God in our region of the world; believing that Jesus Christ is the answer to the awakening we need. The Bible is a core pillar by which we base our desire to see many come to love, life and purpose in Jesus and this is done by the power of the Holy Spirit.   We believe that the Gifts of the Spirit are alive and still working in us today through the Holy Spirit inside of us, releasing His people into the world to minister to those in need.  At Father’s House OC we experience the touch of heaven through healing and the prophetic, allowing God to work through every person to release the Kingdom.


We are a non-denominational church focused on community and family and have been located in Orange County for 30+ years ministry mainly in Huntington Beach. We highly value the stewardship of unity in the Body of Christ; always working to build relationships with families, local churches and other communities.  A three strand cord is stronger than one, which is why we believe that when a culture of unity is created then transformation can take place in our cities.  We love the different expressions of the Body of Christ that is revealed through each local church, and strongly believe that impacting an entire city will take all the believers in that city.


God is a creative God, and we are created in his image with a desire to create as well.  Creativity is a core value at Father's House OC which we believe is a necessity for bringing Heaven to earth, and with God we are free to be creative and experience the special giftings we have all been given.  Our vision is to see creativity and freedom released in the church so that we can experience the fullness of what God has for us.  We want to see the church experience even more of heavens joy and believe that creativity is a core component to releasing a greater outpouring of overwhelming joy.

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Leadership Team

TIM FELKER | Senior Pastor

HAVAH FELKER | Senior Leader

Tim & Havah Felker

Tim & Havah Felker

Tim Felker has pastored Father’s House OC since 2014 and has served in ministry for over 15 years. He is passionate about helping people step into their true God-givenidentity and empowering them to take hold of their creative destiny. 

He was radically saved at the age of 17 in this church and immediately stepped into ministering, leading several of his own family members to Jesus. Prior to being appointed senior pastor he served in a variety of leadership roles in the church, including serving as the youth pastor.  

Tim has been married to Havah since 2002 and they have four children. They have ministered together since the beginning of their marriage. Tim and Havah have a special heart and passion for foster children, foster parents and adoption as they have fostered and adopted two children into their own family!

Havah serves Father’s House OC on the senior leadership team and in a variety of roles including being our Community Impact leader.

Tim and Havah own Fired Up Arts a ceramics art business where they use their gifts of creativity to create works of art, to teach others how to create their own works of art and empower people to live an abundant life of creativity. 

MATT SWIFT | Executive Pastor

KAHANAH SWIFT | Culture Pastor

Matt & Kahanah Swift

Matt & Kahanah Swift

Executive Pastor Matt Swift has been extensively involved in ministry his entire life, having grown up on the mission field in Mexico where his parents were pastors which instilled a deep love for Christ from a young age.  Matt's family moved back to the states and he finished junior and high school in Southern California.  After graduating Matt pursued his undergraduate studies at Vanguard University in the field of Exercise Sports Science before continuing on to attend Chapman University where he received his doctorate degree in physical therapy.  Matt is the founder and owner of Change Sports Physical Therapy Institute in Huntington Beach.

Matt has worked in several capacities in leadership at Father's House OC over the years as a youth leader, worship leader, church board of directors, associate pastor and now as the executive pastor. 

Matt & Kahanah have been married since 2002 and have four boys. Kahanah was ordained as a pastor in October 2018 and her main areas of leadership include overseeing both the Kingdom Kids ministry-to see the next generation of revivalists raised to their high call in Jesus-and serving as our Culture Pastor. Kahanah is also actively involved in leadership roles at regional women’s conferences and the Impact-OC Creative Conference.

ROMMEL ANACAN | Spiritual Growth Pastor

Rommel Anacan is the Spiritual Growth Pastor. He oversees the church’s Equipping the Saints (ETS) classes and is actively involved in the FHOC CORE program. Rommel is also passionate about men’s ministry and helping people pursue care, healing, restoration and recovery. Rommel is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and organizational consultant. He founded his company The Relationship Difference in 2011. He has been married to Kacy since 2005 and they have one daughter and a precocious cat! Learn more about Rommel here.

JOHN ANTONUCCIO | Assistant Pastor

John Antonuccio provides the church with invaluable wisdom and counsel as a member of the assistant pastor team. John is also a member of the church’s board of directors.

JESS FERGUSON | Administration and Senior Leader

In her role overseeing the administrative operations of the church Jess Ferguson is the glue that holds everything together! There is not much that happens at our church that Jess does not have a part in! In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Jess serves on the church’s senior leadership team.

CHICK RAPPORT | Assistant Pastor

As an assistant pastor Chick Rapport serves the church in several ways including: Overseeing the Feeding 5,000 ministry which provides thousands of pounds of food to the community each month: Serving as a teacher for our Kingdom Kids Ministry: and as an elder and counselor to the church and the church leadership team.

PETE TAYLOR | Assistant Pastor

Pete Taylor has served Father’s House OC as an assistant pastor for over 15 years. He currently oversees our church’s pastoral care and serves as an elder and counselor to the church and FHOC leadership team.

LINDA TEMPLE | Assistant Pastor

Linda Temple is one of the founders of Father’s House OC. Linda has been ministering in this church family for over 30 years and her impact has been felt not only in this church and throughout the region. She serves and has served in a variety of roles within the church, and as an assistant pastor serves as an elder, counselor and a member of the board of directors. Linda is also a counselor at a high school in Huntington Beach.